Friday, 9 May 2014

Lay Associate Meeting

Sr. Barbara represented the Tri-Generalate at the  bi-annual meeting of the International Lay Coordination Committee of the Chevalier Family held from April 4-6th in Lyon, France. Fr. Hans Kwakman, msc representing Cor Novum also attended the meeting.   Roland Douchin, the secretary of Cor Novum assisted with the French and English translation and also presented  a new design under construction for the Cor Novum website which will include a section for  the laity. Elisabeth Hartmann, coordinator of the laity in our German province and a member of the committee was present for the meeting. 

Representing the International Lay Coordinating Committee of the Chevalier Family, Rita Cleuren and Hannie Jansen recently visited Cameroon where they gained a better understanding and appreciation of the lay movement of the Chevalier Family there.  They shared their experience and the hopes, positive undertakings and concerns of the laity in Cameroon.  Hans Kwakman, msc recently was in Korea where he also met with the laity. 

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